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  1. Steve Smith says:

    Thanks Chad!

  2. Steve says:

    I work out first thing in the morning Chad. Any advice on how to structure the nutrition part of your program since I work out early in the day? Thanks for your help.

    • Chad Howse says:

      Have your morning protocol (omega's, nuts, greens, vitamin D), but don't eat. Have a shake after your workout, then another meal after that with good carbs/proteins etc… This is exactly what i'm doing right now and it's doing wonders.

      • Steve says:

        In your eBook you say…"We’re shrinking our waist while building muscle mass in the upper body" and "also developing a method of eating that is sustainable for YOU". I understand that and don't want to get too anal about it, but it seems to me you have to have some idea of the amount of calories you are taking in. Do you want us to eat above, below, or at our maintenance level during the program?

        • Chad Howse says:

          I didn't want to get into calories in and calories out with this program. I haven't watched my calories in some time (no matter what the goal).

          We went into "meal timing". It's a great way to look at eating, and I know it sounds simple, but eat a lot if you're trying to add muscle, eat smaller meals if you're trying to lose fat. If you eat the foods at the times I mentioned, you're going to do great, trust me.

  3. Rajat Desikan says:

    Hi Chad

    It would be awesome if you could post links to all the exercises in the workout. I have been training for 3 years, with basic exercises. So some of your isolation movements are new to me.

    I you tubed pulldowns. I got straight armed pulldowns and lat pulldowns. I am wondering which one you were referring to.


    • Chad Howse says:

      Hey Rajat. I'll definitely go through them over the next week and get that done for you.

      I'm doing another edit of the book and adding to it once again. The one you have is somewhat incomplete. I'll let you know when it's done!

  4. Hi Chad – great product launch and nice product!!

    I'm happy to have found you, and like reading your stuff.

    Be well.

  5. Steve says:

    Hey Chad…I work out at home. I have set of dumbells, a nice bench, and a chinup bar. Any suggestions as to what dumbell exercises you want me to do to hit all the muscles I need to hit in the back and shoulders to get that V shape. I know you have laid out a great program. I hope it's not too big of a pain to give me some substitute dumbell exercises. Thanks a lot for you help and your program.

    • Chad Howse says:

      Hey Steve, I'll do that for you for sure. Can you just make a quick list for Phase 1 exercises that you can't do? Then I'll add to that list. We'll deal with phase 2 later.

      • Steve says:

        Can do with my home gym set-up:

        Bent-over dumbell rows
        Inverted rows
        Yates rows-with dumbells
        Reverse grip inverted rows
        Upright rows-with dumbells
        Close grip chin-ups
        Face down inclined front raises
        Dumbell pullover
        Face down inclined dumbell rows
        Single arm bent over rows
        Front squats-with dumbells
        Deadlifts-with dumbells
        Barbell curls-with dumbells
        Skull crushers-with dumbells
        Hamstring curls-on a ball
        Leg press-just do squats with dumbells

        Cannot do with my home gym set-up:

        Seated cable rows
        2-Arm cable Squeeze
        Single Arm Pull-downs
        Behind Back barbell shug-could do with dumbells I guess
        Snatch Grip bent over rows-could do with dumbells I guess
        Med ball slams
        Cable pushdowns

        Thanks Chad…If you can give me some substitute guidance, I would appreciate it. If you can't, then I will just improvise. Thanks for you help and patience.

  6. Chad Howse says:

    Hey Steve,

    Can you cut and paste this over on the forum.

    I'm going to close the comments section soon. Find the forum on the right side under "Perfect V Resources".

  7. maalbano says:

    Hi Chad. Thanks for the great product. I'm currently doing stronglifts right now and plan to switch to your program once I finish with my 12 weeks. I think it's good timing since the bigger focus of stronglifts is on the legs. Can you post videos on how to do the workouts in phase 1? some of those exercises i've never heard before.

    • Chad Howse says:

      Glad you're with us. Ya I'm working on that.

      Most of them you should be able to youtube. Try that, if there are one's you can't ask here.

      • maalbano says:

        thanks. by the way, my workout is usually in the evening, like an hour after dinner. how do i tweak the eating schedule for that?

  8. Malcom says:

    Hey Chad, my Dad is experiencing extreme pain where the forearm meets the bicep. He's had this for over a year now, and is open to any advice! I'd appreciate some tips that could help him out. thanks

    • Chad says:

      If he's doing any forearm work in the gym, stop. Forearm training can mess up the elbows, especially when combined with biceps training. I would, however, try and get to see a physio, there may be more to it than just a simple training tweak.

  9. Jonathan says:

    Hey Chad, it won't let me sign up for this forum. I just bought this program. Where do I go to see the workoutsm schedule, meal planning and all that?

    • Chad Howse says:

      It's all above where you are right now. The ebooks, downloads etc… Just download and all the info is in there.

      I'm working on the forum, might try a different program, this one's a bit whacky.

    • Chad Howse says:

      I just looked at it again, if you're logged in to the site, you're logged in to the forum. Click the "perfect v forum" tab on the sidebar on your right (above). Then click training logs, and start your own training log.

  10. Leon Stephens says:

    Hi chad.I work a night job.can u explain the beast way for me to do my nutrition also do u believe in short quick cardio. Are long cardio.thanks chad!!

    • Chad Howse says:

      Same as if you worked a normal schedule, focus your carbs around your workout. If you're gaining, add more carbs on your lifting day. I love sprints and am not a fan of long cardio. Sprints help us hormonally, they also help us maintain muscle and burn fat. Long cardio often has the opposite effect.

    • chad says:

      Focus your carbs around your workout. For the remainder of the day eat high fat/protein, but low carb.

      Go nuts on carbs and lean protein (no fat) after workout workout, it'll also help you sleep.

  11. Josh Jones says:

    Hey, Chad.

    I just ordered the program and have the same question(s) Steve asked above. I workout at time well; did you ever answer his question about exercise substitutions?


  12. Josh Jones says:

    That should’ve read “workout at home as well”… (darn auto-correct, lol)

  13. Stefan says:

    Hi Chad,
    I started boxing as well (that's how I found you) and have boxing trainings 2times a week (and actually want to augment that to 3). How much weight training should I do and how should I modify the perfect-V program so that I don't end up overtrained? I think you must have had the same problem when you were boxing.
    Thank you in advance for the response,


  14. Cole says:

    Hey chad,

    If I got the ISo smooth and omega blues and everything, in general how long does each thing last? I mean would I need to restock every 2 weeks or monthly or what!? I mean are you on a routine for when u purchase ur supplements!?

    • chad says:

      There should be something that says "servings" on the bottle, even on the description they give you on the site. I take A LOT of omega 3's, you don't have to take that much, so it should last you a couple months, the same with ISO SMOOTH (just take that after a workout).

  15. nicolai says:

    Hey chad im really excited to trying your program. Maybe its just me being stupid, but i cant seem to find out, how many days i should do what exercises. I have the ebook saying month 1 nd month to but i dont know when to do what, please help

  16. TIM says:


  17. Chad says:

    Hey Tim, all of the exercises can be changed to dumbbell exercises.
    Bent over row (bar), just use dumbbells.
    Same with upright row etc…
    Just pick another exercise that works the muscle from the same angle and use what you've got available for equipment.

    Can you write a few examples here and I'll help you out…

  18. justin says:

    Chad, is there a description of the workouts you have listed in your protocals? Im not familiar with some of the terminology listed.

  19. Paul says:

    Where is the e-book to download that I paid $7 for???

  20. Benjamin says:

    Hi Chad,

    Is this the most current edition of this book as of Jan 5 2015?

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